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Christmas Eve 3D Screensaver 1.0 alt
iPixSoft Flash Slideshow Creator 4.0.0 alt
PlayClaw Hardcore 4.2352 alt
Magic Camera 8.0 alt
LeaderTask Personal Organizer Standard alt
Light Developer alt
MagicScore Note 7.605 alt
A+ Folder Locker 1.0 alt
Zoom Player PRO alt
Ashampoo Music Studio 2012 1.0 alt
Leawo iTransfer alt
TweakRAM alt
MP3 Tag Express 6.8.5 alt
IP – MAC Scanner 2.0.5 alt
BusinessCards MX 4.73 alt
FolderIco 1.0 alt
Secret Layer Light 2.7.2 alt
Aiseesoft Blu-ray Copy 6.3.6 alt
Registry Defragmentation alt
Aidfile Recovery Professional 3.5 alt
Audio Catalog 4.4 alt
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2012 8.1.4 alt
iSpring Converter 6.2 alt
Softdiv PDF to Image Converter 1.1 alt
Registry Washer alt

Christmas Eve 3D Screensaver 1.0


Let this fabulous animated 3D screensaver take you away to a magic winter park on Christmas Eve. Feel the holiday atmosphere in the air. Enjoy a gorgeous Christmas tree decorated with shimmering lights that go on and off as if singing along to the music. Watch the funny rabbits jumping around in excitement, waiting to get to the precious presents from Santa.

Cheerful music and high-quality graphics help to create a truly festive Christmas mood.

Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista Pentium III or higher, 32 MB Video Memory, DirectX 8.0 or higher,DirectX-compatible sound card
Available languages :


iPixSoft Flash Slideshow Creator 4.0.0


iPixSoft Flash Slideshow Creator is a professional flash slideshow software to help you turn digital photos and video clips into flash slideshow with professional designed templates, transition effects, text captions, background music, etc. Enjoy it on this holiday season!

Windows XP (SP2 or later), 2000, 2003, Vista, 7
Available languages :


PlayClaw Hardcore 4.2352


For showing off slick new tricks or proving you really can take down The Boss with one shot, nothing shows it better than video. Before PlayClaw no other option worked well with modern games, because cutting edge games try to hog every ounce of your PC’s power leaving few resources for other applications.

Most game video capture software, if you can use it during a game at all, will slow your PC to a crawl. PlayClaw is different, making full use of any multi-core processors utilizing lean code designed specifically for resource hungry games!

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (x32/x64); PlayClaw supports games based on DirectX 8, 9, 10, 11 and OpenGL. Administrator rights to run software are mandatory
Available languages :


Magic Camera 8.0


Magic Camera is a must-have webcam enhancing program for webcam chat and webcam effects. It works for all cameras including (HD) Webcams, Digital Cameras, TV/Video Capture Cards, Camcorders.

Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 7/ Server 2008/ 8 (x32/x64)
Available languages :


LeaderTask Personal Organizer Standard


LeaderTask Personal Organizer — reliable assistant in managing tasks, meetings and contacts! Manage your tasks in an easy and comfortable way. It is possible to arrange tasks in tree-like structures, group them by categories, link them to contacts, set dates, statuses, tags, highlight the, convert an e-mail into a task, etc.

LeaderTask Personal Organizer has all the necessary tools for the effective management of your activities: Tasks, Projects, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, Synchronization with Android, iPad, iPhone, with Outlook, export/import to various formats, plug-in support, printing, data protection and encryption.

IBM PC-compatible computer; CPU 533 MHz and higher; 20 MB of free space on the hard drive (3 MB for the server); 256 MB RAM; Microsoft Windows 2000
Available languages :
A lot | Beaucoup | Viele


Light Developer


Light Developer is affordable lightweight software providing an efficient solution for all photographers – from image management to editing – from touch up to re-composition.

Light Developer uses unique technological solutions which will help solve those tricky problems including high quality noise reduction, complex matting, content-based manipulating and much more. The most unique function is its matting and masking functions, including “chromakey matting” and “inside/outside edge matting”.

Windows XP (x32 only)/ Vista/ 7/ 8; 2GB RAM
Available languages :


MagicScore Note 7.605


MagicScore Note is wonderful basic music notation and music writing software, offering the advanced capabilities for music schools, students, teachers and music lovers.

With MagicScore Note you can create magnificent compositions; that will give you the opportunity to have your work done in the best possible manner.

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
Available languages :


A+ Folder Locker 1.0


A+ Folder Locker offers full data protection suit where you can store your important files, folders, drives, and even complete software programs in special data storage ‘lockers’. Not only do these lockers keep the names of the files and folders you store in them from being viewed, the robust level of security of the lockers make them virtually impossible to break into.

A+ Folder Locker also includes a variety of other high-level security features that you can use to protect the information on your computer. Features like Disguise and Hide, which lets you hide files and folders inside photos and other images on your computer. There’s also a pattern password that can be used in lieu of regular text passwords, an elusive stealth mode that allows you to run A+ Folder Locker on your computer without anyone knowing, an advanced multi-level anti-hacking protection to your lockers, and more!

Windows XP, Vista, 7 (x32/x64); 1024 MB RAM; 30 MB Disk space
Available languages :


Zoom Player PRO


Are you…
A Geek who loves to customize and tweak software?
An Enthusiast who loves watching videos in the best possible quality?
A PRO that needs a powerful media playback and presentation tool?
If you answered “yes”, then Zoom Player was designed for you.

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8
Available languages :


Ashampoo Music Studio 2012 1.0


Do you like music? Do you use a computer? Then you may need Ashampoo Music Studio 2012. This program has always been a favorite of digital music fans and the latest version now provides all the functions digital music users need in a single integrated program, including ripping tracks from CDs, audio editing, converting between different formats, digital recording, repairing damaged or corrupted tracks and burning to CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc and an audio player. It replaces a whole zoo of specialized applications – most digital music fans will never need to switch to another program.

In addtion, Ashampoo Music Studio 2012 is smart and easy to use. It automatically takes care of all the complicated settings of audio encoding and decoding and allows you to focus on what you actually want to do – working on audio files.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; 2,4 GHz (or higher) CPU; 1024 MB RAM; Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework
Available languages :


Leawo iTransfer


Leawo iTransfer is a professional data transferring tool exclusively designed for iOS devices that enables you to easily transfer data between iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) or among iOS devices, iTunes and computer. Various data files including apps, movies, music, photos, books and ringtones can be used directly for the transference process. To help more users manage data transference with this app, the latest Leawo iTransfer has added support to iOS 6 devices including iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5. In addition, all iOS users can take full advantage of Leawo iTransfer to transfer or share files of various kinds.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; 1 GHz or above Intel/AMD Processor; 512MB RAM (1024MB or above recommended); iTunes 10.7 or later
Available languages :




Increase your RAM/Memory and speed up your computer. TweakRAM is designed to clean your PC memory. It can optimize RAM to make your computer run faster and crash less often. In addition it helps to increase your system performance by cleaning the content of your RAM and gives you the CPU information, memory usage, processes, and applications running on your computer.

Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP (x32/x64)
Available languages :


MP3 Tag Express 6.8.5


MP3 Tag Express is the quickest and easiest way to edit and fix your music tags and rename your audio files. Operate on groups of files or files across multiple folders at the same time using powerful time saving features that turn hours of work into minutes. People with limited technical knowledge will appreciate the simplicity of its design, while the technically advanced will appreciate its flexibility, efficiency, and advanced power features.

Find album details, artwork, track information, and lyrics from the Internet using fast and flexible lookup options. Copy, paste, display, edit, print, and batch find song lyrics from the Internet. Import and export cover art.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 is required (will be automatically downloaded if it doesn't exist)
Available languages :


IP – MAC Scanner 2.0.5


IP – MAC Scanner enables to scan IP address and scan MAC address quickly. As the best IP scanner, it supports to fast scan IP from both distributive and DHCP addresses.

IP – MAC Scanner can also analyze the scanning results to track unknown clients. It can scan the whole network by UDP or ARP, and backup the detailed scanning results to database. A ping tool is included in IP – MAC Scanner, for you can easily ping any IP address from the scanning results. You can also find remote control and email notification functions in side IP – MAC Scanner!

Windows XP (SP2 or later), Vista, 7; 1GHz Intel/AMD processor or above; 256MB RAM; 100MB space for installation; Super VGA (800×600) resolution, 16-bit graphics card or higher
Available languages :


BusinessCards MX 4.73


This program will help to design and print a professional business card. The interface of the program has been designed in such a way that even a beginning user will not have problems with using the program. The process of designing is based on inserting ready for use elements accessible in the program such as figures, images and the background, and freely shifting them on the prepared project.

Another advantage of the program is the possibility of saving data about a company or people so that it can be used later while designing a business card. The program uses templates which you can prepare on your own, or you can use ready models , templates of business cards accessible in it. There are 750 examples of business card templates in the program.

Additional business card templates can be downloaded here.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; Memory 512MB; Hard drive space 200 MB
Available languages :


FolderIco 1.0


FolderIco allows to customize the icon of every Windows folder in one click! Give some color to Windows folders: with just a click, colorize your folders, and discover a new intuitive way to classify your files. A quick look is now enough to identify the folder you are looking for! You can classify your folders by priority. Red is an important folder, orange is urgent, green is no action needed… Choose the attributes that suit you, so you’ll never delete an important folder by mistake. FolderIco is integrated into your Windows Explorer: one right-click on any folder and FolderIco is ready to change your folder’s icon.

Windows XP SP3 (x32/x64), Vista (x32/x64), 7 (x32/x64)
Available languages :


Secret Layer Light 2.7.2


Secret Layer lets you encrypt your data and then hide that encrypted data in ordinary images, like the ones used every day on all websites and email attachments. Secret Layer very slightly tweaks the color of specific pixels. You can’t distinguish the altered photo from the original one.

Any time you transfer an encrypted file to someone by email, Skype, or another method, anyone on your network can see that you’re transferring something encrypted. But when you hide your data in a image, to everyone else it looks like you’re uploading another photo to the web, just like billions of other people. In other words, your photo can slip away in the crowd, no different from everyone else.

Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP, both x32 and x64; Processor: 2.0 GHz; RAM: 512 Mb (Recommended 2GB); 25 Mb of available HD space
Available languages :


Aiseesoft Blu-ray Copy 6.3.6


Aiseesoft Blu-ray Copy is the full-featured copy software that enables users to copy Blu-ray disc to another blank Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder and ISO files. It supports BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL and BD-RE DL. Blu-ray Copy can also copy 3D Blu-ray movies with the original video effect 1:1 to another Blu-ray disc, Blu-ray folder and ISO files.

Aiseesoft Blu-ray Copy provides users two modes to copy their Blu-ray movies: Full Disc Copy and Main Movie Copy. The software is easy to use with new friendly interface and it can copy the Blu-ray disc with good quality and fast speed.

Windows 7, Vista, XP (SP2 or later); 800MHz Intel/AMD CPU or above; 512MB RAM or more
Available languages :


Registry Defragmentation


Registry Defragmentation is a small utility that does gigantic improvements in computer performance. This application physically defragments the Windows registry file to give it the proper linear structure. This is an absolutely essential tool for all folks who install/uninstall new software applications frequently.

“Registry defragmentation” performs physical defragmentation of the Windows registry file. After defragmentation your registry will acquire linear structure which will reduce application response time and registry access time. Registry Defragmentation also removes unused entries, thus making registry even smaller in size. Do not worry if sometimes after defragmentation the registry will become smaller only by 1-5%, the key is not in size but in its linear structure, hence it determines access time.

Windows 8/ 7/ Vista/ XP (x32/x64)
Available languages :


Aidfile Recovery Professional 3.5


Aid file Recovery software is a powerful hard disk data recovery tool for recovering files from deleted/ damaged/ formatted/ re-partitioned/ missing drives and more. It supports EXFAT/ FAT32/ NTFS file systems.

Aidfile data recovery can recover the data while there is an error happens to your software, for example: partition error writing, unintentional formatting, accidentally deletion, false backup, MBR losing, bad sector of BOOT, virus attack, Hackers Attack, conversion error, partition logic error, logical bad sectors of hard drives, partition table lost, etc. The success rate is exclusively high.

Windows 2000, XP, 2003 or later
Available languages :


Audio Catalog 4.4


Audio Catalog is a music manager, music tagger, renamer, cataloguer, browser and report creator. It can catalogue and edit the most common music formats (MP3, Ogg, WMA, iTunes M4A, FLAC, APE, MPC and other – total 14 formats). Catalogue your entire music music collection with a few clicks. Add or correct missing or incorrect meta-data using the many tools available for tagging your files.

Audio Catalog makes it easy to find your favorite music by searching for criteria such as Artist, Title, Genre, Rating etc. You can play music using internal player or manage WinAmp or Windows Media Player directly from the Audio Catalog, create reports of your music collection as Excel, HTML or XML files, so that you can show it to others. If you’re using third-party devices or players, Audio Catalog can export playlists to M3U or WPL files.

Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ 2003 Server/ 7; Pentium class CPU - 1000 Mhz; 256MB RAM; 50MB Disk Space; Video card - 1024x768
Available languages :


Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2012 8.1.4


Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2012 will stand for modern technology, efficiency, security and intuitive handling, and this software will again mark a milestone in the history of system optimization tools. System optimization has never been so quick, safe and thorough.

Windows XP, Vista (x32/x64), 7 (x32/x64)
Available languages :


iSpring Converter 6.2


iSpring Converter is an advanced tool for converting PowerPoint to HTML5. The converter preserves the original appearance of a presentation in HTML, because it supports advanced features of PowerPoint: animations, transitions, triggers, hyperlinks, embedded audio and video, all PowerPoint styles.

In addition, iSpring Converter allows enriching presentations with Web Objects and YouTube videos with a single click of your mouse. iSpring’s HTML5 presentations can be played on iPads or other mobile devices and viewed in browsers without additional plug-ins.

Windows 7/ Vista/ XP (x32/x64); Intel/AMD 500 MHz or faster processor; 256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended); PowerPoint 2007/ 2010 (x32/x64)
Available languages :


Softdiv PDF to Image Converter 1.1


Softdiv PDF to Image Converter is designed to convert PDF files to image formats such as PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, TIFF, ICO, and more. It comes with user friendly interface which will guide you in step by step wizard in order to convert PDF to image without needing Adobe Reader installed. Softdiv PDF to Image Converter supports single and multiple-page PDF files and allow you to preview the PDF before converting to image.

PDF can be imported individually or from a whole folder for batch conversion. Advanced features include the option to customize the output image location whether to a fixed folder or to the source PDF folder; customize the output image format properties for better quality or smaller file size; customize the output image width and height, aspect ratio and DPI.

Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista (x32/x64), 7 (x32/x64), 8 (x32/x64)
Available languages :


Registry Washer


Registry Washer offers a robust registry scan engine that allows you to safely scan your entire Windows registry for errors and other problems that can interfere with your computer’s performance. After identifying the problems that require action, Registry Washer helps you resolve those issues and get your computer back to running efficiently.

But that’s not all! Registry Washer also includes a variety of other system-maintenance tools to help optimize your computer’s performance, including a quick and easy Windows Startup Manager, Registry Defrag, Registry Monitor, BHO Manager, Full Registry Backup, Full System Backup, and more!

Windows XP, Vista, 7 (x32/x64); 512 MB RAM; 30 MB Disk space
Available languages :